Imagine a world in which recreation products are beautifully designed, well-crafted, and made with sustainable materials.

This is the future we are building at Vernly.

Vernly is an independent, designer-led company based in the US. Our products are designed in the US and Italy.

Our fly reels

Vernly produces two fly reels – the Vernly Stone Reel and Vernly Air Reel.

Our next creation will be a reel case made of sustainable vegan leather derived from grape skins. The case will be hand-crafted in Italy.

Supplies will be more limited than our reels.

Contact us to reserve your case.

Our product standards

When we create a new product, we have three development goals:

Extraordinary experience. Create a product that is an absolute delight to use.

Exceptional design. Create an aesthetically and functionally beautiful product.

Enhanced sustainability. Create a product using sustainable materials.


Vernly does not conduct price promotional sales on any day of the year. Our goal is to ensure exclusivity for our clients.